Disclaimer for non-medical health advice

I started a site and am preparing to sell and ebook relating to food allergies and parents of children with food allergies specifically.

Produce: http://allergyfoodcookbook.com

My question is: since my topic is around health for people with, possibly life-threatening, food allergies, will a simple disclaimer on the site and/or ebook, materials I give away suffice as to prevent it being construed as medical advice in case of problems? The information is as accurate as we have been able to present it, but you never know.

I don’t have the funds to acquire legal counsel to review this.

Here is an example of what I’ve found on other sites. Is this enough to prevent getting sued?

I have a business entity LLC that I have used for all my blogs, sites. I don’t know if that would keep me safe as well.

Good question. I’m not completely sure, but you may want to look into professional liability insurance as well. Can usually get about $1mil of protection for under $1k/year, and it could apply to all your blogs/site.

Thanks @shanelabs ! I’m still trying to avoid any cost, but I will definitely look into that route, or this might be more risk than I’d want to take on for a small ebook side project.