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Did you manage to get a new email for each new post here?



I tweaked my preferences to receive a daily email when I do not show up on the forum, but I only received it once.

Does it work for you, if you use it?

As well: is there a way to receive an immediate email for each new topic or reply on the site?


– Thibaut


I don’t think the system we use has a way to email you in real time on every new post currently. We’re looking into the email trouble, it might be something wrong with the server as the digest emails should be going out.


Ian, we will be happy to handle the email delivery through our servers. I’m the co-founder of http://sendloop.com and http://sendersuite.com We are happy to support this community with our email delivery infrastructure.

I am going to send you an email know about technical details.


Hi Cem,

Thanks for the offer! The problem isn’t the gateway though, it’s simply that this forum software doesn’t provide an option to email people on every new topic. At least not an option for that that I’ve seen.


Just a thought, but maybe it would be possible to automatically enable “watch this topic”, on every new topic? This would solve the need for me.

Otherwise I’m only coming every 10 days or so, when I remember that there is this great forum!

I’m concerned about the fact that it could lead to usage erosion over time.