Did you know that the average worker spends 7 years in meetings over their lifetime ? How it sounds to you?

I would like to introduce Solid getsolid[dot]io The easiest solution for productive business meetings. As we just launched it in private bêta, it would be awesome to have your expertise and feedback on it.

Solid, how it works ? Take less than 10 sec to synch your agenda with Solid and get started to run your meetings effectivly everytime. Get a summary of your meetings of the day. You’ll never forget a meeting anymore ! Get notifications when you have an unprepared meeting before having it. Before your meeting, complete and share the agenda with all the attendees During your meeting : Everyone is free to add notes under the different items At the end of your meeting, just click and share to every attendee the meeting minutes and everyone’s to-do list After your meeting, measure the performance of the meeting and your ROT (return on time;) ) Link you Solid account with other tools you daily use. Export easily your meeting minutes to any Evernote’s notebooks or on Slack in the appropriate channel.
So, don’t waist your time anymore and try Solid. The team would be glad to have you in this “solid” adventure ! Give us your feedback !
May the meetings’ force be with you !
Pauline from Solid Team

This pitch is completely full of typos.

What is this ‘meeting’ thing of which you speak?