the browser for live demos

Hey Everyone,
Today my partner and I launched our company, A browser built for live software demos, it eliminates the need to log in and out, jump between browser windows, and you can save the entire demo and launch it in seconds!

My experience is as an SE doing large enterprise demos. Chrome is great for every-day-use, unfortunately though those same features can complicate your demo especially if you want to show multiple users or collaboration.

Me and my cofounder bootstrapped this ourselves with the help of online forums like this + fiverr and upwork.

We have a free 1 month trail and would love some feedback. If you are bootstrapping your startup and find the tool useful reach out to me we can work something out.

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The site looks good! Congrats.

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This definitely solves a pain I have from time to time. Not enough for me to be a paying customer because I intentionally do few demo calls. But Iā€™m certain that others who do a ton of demo calls would get value from this.

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