Deciding what features to implement (blog post)

@Andy graciously allowed me to contribute a guest post titled “Deciding what features to implement” to his blog Successful Software:

Each feature you add to your software product takes time to implement, adds ongoing complexity, and is hard to get rid of later. So you need to choose wisely when adding new features.

Here are some tips on choosing which features to implement.

I’m happy to answer any questions.


Great post, Steve.

For us (so far) every single customer requested a feature we don’t have yet.

The prioritization goes like this:

  1. Automation: a checkbox vs 20 lines of JavaScript code. Checkbox wins.
  2. Integrations. Mostly new connectors.
  3. Usability.

    everything else
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“Keep your grand vision in mind” but also “Limit your grand vision.” Sometimes many users request some feature but there’s no synergy between it and your core experience.




That’s good! It would be a perfect image to go with my posts’s “Does your product really need new features?” section.