December Report: 40,988 Visits and 2759 Email Subscribers

Hey! I am Rich Clominson, co-founder of Failory. Today we decided to become a transparent startup and share with our community our numbers and statistics, as well as the exact strategies we used to achieve them.

Read now to understand how we got 40,988 visits and 2759 email subscribers.

If you have any doubts, I will happily answer them below!

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Thanks for sharing your data!
It would be also nice to hear about other numbers: when you started, how much you earn, how much time you spend on the project, how many people work on it etc.

How much we earn and how much time we spend in Failory is in the report. We forgot to include some relevant information. We launched Failory on July 30. We started working on it only 13 days before. We are three co-founder.

I am glad to hear you like the report.

You are clearly passionate about failory but for the love of Bob please please please find a way to make some revenue.

  1. Zero. Nothing. Nil.

You’re killing me, smalls.

Move towards revenue ASAP.

:heart: and Happy New Years!

The reason why we can continue with the project without earning any money is that we almost don’t have any expenses.

Time. Is. Money. If you are building a business then start factoring that in.


So … the plan for future is to become a “Mixergy of Failures”?

Thanks for your kind words. We will definitely start monetizing it on Febraury :grinning:

I think that Mixergy monetizes with a subscription.

There is a subscription, yes, but I feel their main income source are the sponsors.

Andrew once or twice mentioned the sponsor’s prices, and they were high - I believe in thousands of dollars per episode - and at the same time he said something like “I was inexperienced then and did not know how much to charge”, hinting that today’s prices are much higher. But maybe he was just joking, I have no way to tell.