- ideas that would work with the domain

I have been debating what to actually build on for a while now, I was hoping I could reach out to you guys to get some ideas going.

I don’t want to say what I actually intended for it as I want to hear what others would come up with.

What would be suitable ideas that would work well with the domain?

This could be a SaaS or anything that works well and could also be monetized to make it sustainable.

A gardening website.

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That is brilliant!

Sell it to these guys

So any serious ideas?

You can relate domain to the programming debugging, but to implement this idea you should have a vast knowledge of programming, GitHub & code deployment.

While creating software or even after creating software, there may have a lot of chances that application may give errors. You create an application which will monitor errors & provide an approximate solution to the errors. Similar website: sentry dot io

Do you have a product that fits in nicely with the domain? If not, then perhaps the most effective bang for buck you could get would be to approach multiple people with someone who does.

But before you do this, you need to know what kind of traffic you are getting.Given that you have nothing going on in this domain right now, you can’t even do that much.

So step 1: get those statistics generated.

Let’s say you find that the numbers are anemic and no one would want to buy them.

Are you interested enough in the process of debugging to write articles? Probably not (who would be?!!!)

So… Then it is up to you.

I’m interested in purchasing that domain from you if you’re interested in selling it. You can send me a pm if so.