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David from DRail Modelspoor Software


Hi all!

I used to be a lurker on BoS back in the day.

About 5 years ago I quit my job as a software engineer to fully devote my time to our main product AnyRail.
AnyRail is Windows desktop software for model railroading hobbyists to plan their layout.
The company has grown steadily ever since.

I found this forum through the very entertaining “bootstrapped” pod-cast, which in turn I found via “What Now”, another good pod-cast that unfortunately seems to be taking a sabbatical.

Anyway, excited to see how things will develop here!



David. Welcome to the forums. I really like your product; it’s one of those markets that would have been completely off my radar. Just goes to show you!


Thanks Andrey.

It’s only because all generations from young to old on a major part of the globe have an Internet connection these days that such a niche product can be very profitable and makes a good living.

I guess it’s the same for bingo cards, table seating plans, and all the other misv-products for small segments of the market. They can only thrive because of the enormous amount of people on this planet and the ease at which you can get your product in their hands.