Data & Metrics that Changed Your Path

Being a data nerd (Tableau), I often like to ask how post traction or early stage businesses acquire and use data & metrics as you grow your businesses. While purely data-driven approach may not work in the roller coaster ride of bootstrapping, there is a definite value to following what data says. The decisions could be something like deciding to kill that MVP due to lack of traction, upping the marketing spend based on lifetime value of customers, implementing crazy ideas ( growth hacking) to acquire those email leads, or hiring your first data analyst.

I am starting a podcast which is at the intersection of entrepreneurship, data-driven decisions, and human psychology ( when we ignore numbers and just follow intuition).

Is this something that you will likely to be a guest on and share your data story?

I am deliberately asking this question without including any links as I realize I am new to the community and have yet to provide the value. This is a non-commercial side project of mine, and hopefully, through these conversations there will be more value created for everyone in future.

Let me know, if you will be interested and I will include some links.