Data & 1000 registered users in 4 weeks. What should I do next?

One of the first most exciting milestones for us. Since our Prospect Role Chrome extension (beta) launch in mid-September, we were working hard to put in place the go-to-market strategy and product vision. Still not completely there yet. Now is time to talk to users to get early feedback and making sure we move in the right direction.

I’m happy to share some numbers we were able to collect over the last 4 weeks. Would love to hear your experiences and thoughts on that.

Website stats
2,821 Users
510 Returning visitors (15,4%)
947 CTA Button clicks (Download Chrome Extension)

Chrome Extension stats
1,560 Users (Chrome dev dashboard)
1,391 Users (GA stats)
1,011 Registered users (Google account 1-click registration)

542 Returning users (28%) - GA
4,214 Searches

Usage weekly (last 3 weeks) cohort says the following
Week 0: 100.00%
Week 1: 14.59% retention
Week 2: 6.57% retention

Next steps on my roadmap are to improve the usability based on what we learned from data usage and feedback, put more time into the onboarding (email automation) to increase the retention. I will also invest into content and SEO strategy. Would love to hear your thoughts and suggestion. What would you do next?

What is your plan for making a profit?
If you are not charging it’s hard to tell which “users” you need to retain.