Customer support software recommendation

Has anyone got a recommendation for customer support software?

I’m planning on hiring someone part time to take on support this year, so moving support out of my inboxes (I’ve got multiple apps on their own domains). So far I’ve looked at jitbit and helpscout. Helpscout is the better for me so far. But the mobile app is rubbish and I expect to be handling things from my phone a fair bit.

So… Anyone got any suggestions? I’m looking for something pretty fully featured (live chat, knowledge base, automations, etc).


I always recommend Teamwork Desk and HelpScout.

I currently use HelpScout. Yes, the mobile app is garbage, but you can handle things via email and their simple @ commands. Everything else about HelpScout is so great (Docs, Beacons, etc), I wish they would catch up and make their mobile app better.

I used Teamwork Desk and Teamwork Projects on a previous project and liked Desk a lot. Project was a bit too much for just our two-man project, but we really did like Desk.

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I do everything with
For me support means that I can also include options like Ticket System, Live Chat etc and use those as upsells. Having in the same platform emailing and CRM is also a plus, so I enjoy this a lot.

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We use FreshDesk with one product and Teamwork Desk with another.

Both have their quirks and frustrations… but overall they are cheap and good enough.

But the mobile app is rubbish

That describes Teamwork Desk’s mobile app too…


Zendesk. Knowledge base + support portal for 2 agents ~ 50 / month. Mobile app is so so but passable.

Example of the knowledge base:

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Thanks folks.

I think I am going to stick with Helpscout. Everything else seems solid and they tell me they are working on the mobile app (although not making the notifications better any time soon it seems)

We run on intercom. Web and mobile apps are very solid and come with more than just a support tool (also does CRM, e-mail campaigns, online knowledge base).

It’s bloody expensive though but yet hasn’t reached a point where we want to invest time and effort in moving away from it as it provides great value.

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Yeah, I was put off by the price to be honest and for some of my products I am probably just looking for email support so paying for all the other stuff would likely be overkill

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We’ve been using for Transistor. You can see the chat widget on our homepage:, and you can see the KB here

It’s been pretty good. Occasionally, we experience slow performance on the admin chat side, but overall it’s been OK.

We pay $15 / agent.

The amount of Money paid for Intercom is insane. With so much competitor this pricing is already starting moving them to the bottom of the list and their growth is going down with Investors crying.

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@robinwarren how many support tickets are you expecting to have in an average day?

If 10 or less, I think there is a very good argument for just using a Gmail inbox and sharing the credentials with your team.

You can create a system of labels such as “Waiting on Customer”, “On hold”, and “Solved”.

I sometimes wish I had remained on this type of support solution longer than I did.

I think my issue with that is having 3 products now, I’d like to get everything in one place. Plus I can start moving some more sensitive emails to the 4th companywide account.

Happy with helpscout now, becoming a customer next week :slight_smile:

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A good compromise I continue to use is a Google Group as a collaborative inbox.

@robinwarren I was pointed at this forum because I am offerring “Specialist / Technical Customer Support and Bug Fixing for small software and tech startups”.

This is a new service from my company and it is meant to help founders like yourself offload part or all of this work to another person without obligations to hire staff - pay as you go, no ticket = no fees.

I understand you have your plans for taking on a person and you must have reached that decision after a lot of thinking. But would you consider my service? :slight_smile:

I have sent you a linkedin connection request, should you be willing to talk about this.

ps, I used to live in Sheffield. Was doing customer support for SumoDigital back in 2007/8 :slight_smile: :grinning: