Customer asks for an invoice

I sell software developer tools via BlueSnap and Fastspring. While most sales happen automatically, sometime a prospective customer asks me for an invoice or an offer. How do you handle such requests?

Google Sheets has a nice template for invoices. I’d just put something together manually using that.


Read up about how big companies often do purchasing by starting here - you need to know terms like Quote, PO, Invoice and how the payment process works inside big corp.

Start with these two

Additionally you need to decide if the hassle of accepting ‘offline’ or non-credit card payments is worth it for your business. Some companies just cannot purchase any other way but it will involve extra hassle for you (paperwork, chasing payments, waiting 30, 60 90 days etc) so do your prices allow for that?

You are already using FastSpring. You can prepare and invoice for a customer in the backend of FastSpring and just send them a link or copy of the pdf invoice (just search their knowledge base on how to do that).

I’ve found Order Creator in my Fastspring account. It lets me select my product, asks minimal customer info (company name, contact name and email) and generates a web page invoice. I can then send this link to the prospective customer and she can review the invoice, provide more details and make the payment.

Almost exactly what I was looking for! I hope a customer will find it satisfying as well. Thanks for the help unboot!