Curated Cryptocurrencies news.

The problem: cryptocurrency news aggregators do not filter content they deliver.

The idea is to build a manually curated cryptocurrencies news catalog which will deliver valuable content only. The content value will be metered by its origin (official source or not) and social performance.

What do you guys think?

I personally would love such a service. There’s just too much noise in the space.

BUT monetization could be a problem. Crypto nerds don’t like spending money on anything. People that make 1000%+ gains on their investments are too cheap to shell out $20/mo for proper charting software. Or wallet apps that can’t get any sales even at $0.99.

That and the fact that the space is full with scammy internet marketers trying to bullshit people into buying useless products. From that standpoint crypto is worse than SEO internet forums.

My guess is that you will have a very hard time getting people to pay for your service. And as soon as you try indirect monetization people start assuming conflicts of interest and your trustworthiness will suffer.