CRM+Helpdesk in a single on premise solution


Could you recommend a CRM & Helpdesk systems that both work with the same database of users/customer/leads?

Currently, we use Kayakoo for technical and presale support. It has its own contact database and communication history.
The orders/customers database is stored in another location and is used by success managers for follow-ups and so on. All communications are mainly made via email.
Also, there is another database of leads gathered from different channels (events, emails, social networks and so on).

In short, we have several systems for communication with users. Each system has its own user database and the communication history pieces are spread across those systems without any synchronization.

I know Zoho offers integrated support and CRM solution but is there a on-premise (not SaaS) solution?

What is your experience? I think the problem is not unique.

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