Critique my sales page

I have a business that teaches Rails developers how to build Angular + Rails applications.

Right now I have three product tiers: a $39 e-book, an $89 e-book + video package and a custom-priced “corporate” package which could include multi-dev licenses, training, custom development, whatever.

Right now the $39 product is selling fine. About 8% of my 1,475 email subscribers have bought the book.

The $89 product (known henceforth as the Pro Package) has not been selling very well so far. I had initially priced it at $199. I launched it at a special price of $99 and I think 6 or 7 people bought it. I believe I lowered the price to $99 not long after and then $89. Since the video launch (October 2016) I’ve only sold one or two copies of the Pro Package.

So what I’m working on right now is getting the Pro Package to sell.

I’ve been planning a re-launch of my products ever since I heard a new version of Angular (Angular 4) was coming out. This required me to go back and refresh my book and video package. Might as well make some extra money off that extra effort.

I’m planning my launch window for April 6th to 10th. The reason for the timing is that I’m leaving for MicroConf on the 11th and I want to have something interesting to talk about—a victory to share or a challenge to work through—at the conference.

So this week I’m working on improving my selling system as much as I can so I can have the most successful possible launch.

My sales page has historically done a pretty weak job of selling my Pro Package. My sales page is now much better than it was before but I know it still has massive room for improvement.

I’d like to ask my friends here to take a gander at my sales page and let me know what you see or don’t see that would make you disinclined to buy my products. Obviously, you’re not going to be in my target market so I’m of course asking you to pretend that you are. I also plan to go through this exercise with some people who are in my target market but I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask here as well.

Here’s the URL:

Thanks in advance.

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Got a URL for us to visit, Jason?

Ha! That would have been a good idea, huh? Edited the original post to include URL.

Looks pretty good to me. No obvious issues.

8% conversion on your list is pretty good.


  1. Background (blue sky and mountain) doesn’t seem at add much and the clouds make it a bit harder to read headline. (or give the headline an outline (black on the white, white on the black) to make 'em easier to read. (This is a tiny quibble)
  2. Might be nice to make the buttons have a mouseover effect. Seems silly but there is something “enticiing” about mouse over effects that screen “CLICK ME”
  3. Have you considered sort of a “bit at a time” approach? I.e., if you can sell them the book for $39 TODAY and they get some value, perhaps it moves them further up the “value chain” where they are they are ready to learn something “harder”. (The more you learn the more your awareness of your ignorance grows)
  4. Related to 2, are the folks who bought truly CONSUMING the information? Applying it? Might be really helpful to followup with them and see if it has moved them along the “Rails/Angular knowledge/adoption curve”. if it HAS, then they may have new needs (perhaps your more expensive course doesn’t address the right “point in the curve”) or maybe they are NOT consuming it.

There is really nothing to critique. 8-10% buy rate is pretty good.

As to why people arent buying higher package:

  1. Give it time

  2. Different people prefer different formats. Maybe your users just dont care for video that much. Or maybe your list is too small to have an effect. Give it time, see 1)

Meantime, keep working at it, adding newer features to your book and doing new releases each time.

PS: Are people still using Angular? My understanding of the Javascript world is, they get a new framework every month, and everyone rushes to that. I though React was the flavor of the month.

Looks good to me. The only thing that bothers me is the background image, because it makes it harder to read. I’d prefer a solid background, but if you prefer an image, you can add a dark overlay on top of it to eliminate the issue with the white font against white clouds.

Thanks for the feedback, guys.

If 8-10% is about as good of a buyer rate as one could hope for, then maybe my list is saturated and I need to get more subscribers.

Yeah, a ton of people are. It’s especially popular in “the enterprise”.


Some tips

  • darken hero image so that words are easier to read
  • ah so it is for angular2+, cool
  • add more titles for people giving testimonials if you have them “e.g. software engineer at blah”
  • add anchoring before your pricing tiers (e.g. “if you value your time at $100 per hour, and spent 25 hours learning it and googling like i did, you’d be out $2500. Instead …”
  • what’s the benefit of the slack group? e.g. near instant question-answering, live-code with other students, etc
  • at the very end of the page, consider offering the sample chapter again if they aren’t ready to buy
  • consider offering a 3rd tier at $195, where the person gets something additional from you, e.g. 1 hour pair programming session, or private unlimited chat access to you for 3mo while they work through it, or a 50% discount on your next product, or… who knows.

Looks good!

Jason, here’s my couple of cents:

  • Offer a free video “chapter” as well
  • use decoy pricing: up the price for the book to be closer to book + video. Video price will suddenly become a no-brainer
  • have a look at the page on mobile. Buy boxes are not responsive. + I don’t see the purpose of the video images in the pro section. At least on mobile it doesn’t make sense.

I am a dev, used to sell something like this a while back.

Thanks! A lot of good suggestions here.

What I’m working on now is getting testimonials from buyers. This will be very time-consuming but also incredibly worthwhile.