Created a secondary service MobileMyForm off our main service PushForms

We have a software service called PushForms and have created a secondary service based on feedback received. Some people don’t want to create their own forms and and want a full service hand holding experience.

Here is the new service. MobileMyForm - Turns your paper forms into a native mobile app. Just send us a copy of your form or describe the data you need collected, you can add additional fields like photos, barcode scanning, GPS location to your forms unlike paper. Within 3 days your App will be completed.

Has anyone had success with this type of approach?

I’ve seen companies do this in K-12 very successfully (e.g. eliminate all paper forms for parents upon signing up for school each year). Coupled with solid integrations into SISes/LMSes, they are in the seven to eight figure revenue range. I know this because I did the integration pieces for them (e.g. Infinite Campus, Canvas, BrainHoney).

Even without that angle, it might not be the sexiest problem to solve in the world by any means but I have no doubt it could be quite the cash cow. Imagine how many small businesses there are that would happily hand over $99/year for this. The hurdle, IMO, would be making such people aware of it.

I thought I’d also ask if you have thought about a services arm to the business? For instance, custom queries/reports of the data could be done for an flat rate cost. System integrations, validation, etc… all sorts of services I could think of that might be quite a bit of revenue given the right clients.

The services area is very interesting but only concern is that consulting is not a scalable business. I do like the idea of very niche level integrations. Thanks for the idea.

FYI: MobileMyForm was featured on Product Hunt today: