Could you take a look at my very first landing page?

This is a pre-lunch page. Except for this, nothing has been done yet.

I deliberately didn’t use the landing page template, because I wanted to start out on a very small scale, but those seem too pro-pretend and feel vanity. (I’m also tired of the photos of people smiling at the laptop.)

I thought that it was a challenge to make the description detailed while maintaining the page very light and simple, and I think I did it somehow.

I would appreciate any feedback you give me.

I did not like it.

The landing page does not have any structure and just seems scattered around in a random fashion. You should add some structure to it - make a menu, split content into logical sections.

Prioritize your content more - do a smaller logo (ask yourself, does your logo really that important and bring any message to the user?), bigger header (this brings the main message), maybe add a subheader. Now, everything is at the same scale, so when you come to your page it is hard to tell where should I look.

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Thank you for your feedback. If I try to make the page more structured, I think I need to revise it all over, let me think what to do.

It was also a good point to place content based on how important it is to users. Maybe I was somewhat vain to have a big logo on it.

Are you wanting feedback on just the landing page design or the product itself? If it’s just the landing page design, I think it looks very sterile and could use more color to it.

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Thank you. I’d love to have feedback on both of them, but my product is now for Anki users only, so I was just looking for feedback on the landing page.
Anyway, what you pointed out was somewhat intended to make the page look as humble as possible. But if that’s what people think, I’ll think again.

What is anki? A link would help.

Anki is a spaced repetition flashcard program.

My first target users are those who are already familiar with using Anki. For now. So I omitted about that.