Could you give me feedback on

Hi All,

I recently pushed out a new version of landing page for my soon-to-launch ecommerce app, Inlet. It’s intended to be a simple way of selling products across multiple payment providers, with current support for stripe and paypal. Currently, there are a few screens on the landing page showing basic functionality. If anyone has got any feedback or questions I’d love to hear from you.



The page has a nice design, and I think showing the checkout page and graph are a good choice.

The value proposition is unclear to me. On the page, “stripe + paypal” is so prominent, that it feels like that’s the selling point. But I don’t understand why I’d want to use both.

Is this for less-technical sellers who don’t want to have to understand and muck with “all that payment setup stuff”? If so, I’d focus on the simple checkout & nice reporting. Stripe + Paypal should be mentioned much smaller & lower.

Or is it for more technical users who know they need to use multiple payment processors?

Hi Corey. Thanks for checking it out and your feedback, much appreciated. At the moment, the core proposition is “setting up all that payment stuff” for less technical users.

I’d like to be able to offer several gateway options however so that it appeals to more technical users. Think an api for multiple gateways. The main problem I was attempting to solve originally is a way to easily integrate payment options without having to develop a full fledged commerce layer.

To echo @coreysnipes, it feels like you really need some more text on there that explains what it does in a bit more detail.

I get it from what you’re writing here, but there’s no indication of that on-page at the moment.

@coreysnipes is right. I once setup the payment gateway for a site I was trying to build, and it was a nightmare since it was my first “serious” website ever. I get the point, but you have to make it clear at the landing page. Maybe an example of the code? I agree that the paypal and stripe are too big.

Target one audience. For the less-technical, I would just say that besides setting everything up, you have two options to choose the provider: paypal and stripe.

Thanks everyone. I appreciate your time.

I guess I need to pitch it along the lines of “Give your customers a flexible checkout” or something along those lines, to make it clear why allowing stripe and paypal is a good thing for them.