Corporate customers and their needs

(I tweeted this already, but I think it is worth putting on the forum.)

Ah corporate customers.

We have one that wants us to sign a declaration that we use neither child labour nor forced labour in our SaaS. As one would assume, we don’t, and never have used either.

Also, we must avow not to be involve in blood diamonds.

Also, we must abide by any international agreements entered into by government of country X, and we agree to spot checks of our premises at anytime with 5 days notice.

This is why a SaaS either needs to have a “no, we won’t sign your docs” policy, or 20x enterprise plan.

90% of our revenue comes from the customers on enterprise plans. To be honest, I never had to deal with any ridiculous demands. Most customers simply accept our terms of service. The majority of the rest sign our standard agreement without any modifications. The big ones typically suggest reasonable changes which we always accept.

My point - it is not that bad :slight_smile:

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As I heard, if you use Apple hardware, you do use child labour. Something about cobalt.

Having said that, I assume you refused to sign this clause as too restrictive?