Content analytics software to help you optimise Content Marketing

Hi Bootstrappers,

After building something no one wants, I was determined to make sure that I verify my hypotheses before trying anything new. I talked to few content marketers to know about how they did content analytics, how they managed writers and what metrics were important for them and I was able to reach an intersect of common problems.

I have build a simple landing page for the software I want to build - Blipmetrics but haven’t written a line of code.

What do you guys think? Do you think it solves a pain point for content marketers?

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This is a very intriguing concept but it’d be cool to see what a Sketch of it looks like.
I’d need to see what kind of metrics your recording and showing me to truly understand this.

Thanks Michael. I am still working on it, I should be able to manage a demo in few weeks. Are you involved in digital marketing?

I mainly implement our marketing campaigns via ReactJS/AngularJS.
We are constantly pushing out new marketing materials, blog articles, music videos, and etc. without any real gauge besides Google Analytics which doesn’t provide content engagement.