Consolidate mass emails on Drip?

So, I’ve been eying a move to Drip for a while. I realize they are mainly centered around automation, but in order to just get a feel for the service I tested it by moving a newsletter over. In the process, I learned that Drip seems pretty light on newsletter-oriented features. Things like:

  • having a web-based archive of past mailings
  • automatically posting cards to twitter and Facebook when a bulk email goes out
  • HTML themes

(or maybe I didn’t look in the right places?)

Anyway, I’m curious if Drip users here have consolidated their bulk emailing in Drip, or if they use a mix of services.

I did recently. I used to use mailchimp. Then I moved to Curated (much better!)

I signed up for drip to help still a few info products (super good for that !) and then decided to move it all to drop as it’s much cheaper.

I never used the extra features such as the email archive, as I always pointed back to my own sites in the newsletters. That of course might be more important to you.

In any case, using drip for your list helps do more advanced automations for how your users interact with your content, including tagging then based on content they view.

However if you’re only using it for newsletter sending, it might not be the right tool.

Hey @avdi!

We’ve consolidated all marketing emails to Drip, mainly because we take advantage of the workflows regularly. They do keep linkable archives to emails sent (or did in the past), but like @fideloper we tend to use our own site for archive access. This isn’t to say we won’t change in the future, but as we do very little for newsletters and more for customized onboarding and retention workflows, Drip gives us what we need at a reasonable price.