Company research resources

I’m in the process of researching a new niche so I wanted to ask you all to share resources you use for determining information on companies in a niche. In particular, I am planning on using a combination of tools to give to a VA to fill in a spreadsheet on company data.

I am especially interested in tools that give insight into a company based on a website url, such as the company age, number of employees, revenue (if known), etc. In my case, I am focusing on smaller companies, probably < 20 employees so not listed on any markets. However, please feel free to share any resources for publicly traded companies as well so others may benefit.

I’m not opposed to any paid data sources as well if there are any that require a membership or a paid report.

To start, here a few resources I’ve found useful:

For finding companies in your niche

Somewhat older and not as updated:

For finding information about the company

For traffic info (not super accurate but informative):

I ended up posting a job on oDesk for a VA and asked them to answer “Please list 3-5 websites you’ve used to do market research in the past” as part of the application process.

Here is a compiled list of their responses:

If your niche includes any startups, you might find useful as well.