Common practice in sales/tax reporting


We have got our first software sale with FastSpring and now we have a problem that our tax accountant asked if I can get an invoice from them (actually that should be invoice from us to fastspring, as we are getting the money from them).
We are located in Germany and it seems like everything to do with money always needs a formal invoice… or I am missing some common practice.

All I can get from the reseller is a monthly report of sales or wire transfers.
How do you report your reseller sales (or their generated monthly income) in regards to bookkeeping?

Thanks for your advice!

Hi N,

Ha, for Germany, there is a special trick: Make an invoice for Fastspring. Then never send the original and keep a copy for you accountant. Then formally everything is fine.

Basically if you are an Amazon associate, the same happens. They allow German associates to send in an invoice, and say they actually never look at it.

German Fastspring user here as well :slight_smile: My accountant is happy with the bank statement with the wire transfer by Fastspring.

Just let them know that they act as a full reseller.

We have got it exactly the same way, invoicing the reseller. Thanks for sharing.

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