Comment form spam

I must be getting famous, as I’m seeing a lot of comment form spam. As in, someone fills out a form on my website, usually saying “We could improve your blog blah blah blah.”

And it seems the person making the claim isnt some spammer in a third world country. They are genuine web designers/SEO/whatever in places like the US, at least looking from their websites.

Again, this isn’t an automated bot, but an actual human being filling out a form.

It makes me wonder: Is someone teaching this to people? As in telling them they need to be pro-active, search for clients etc?

Does anyone else see this?

I get some of those as well, however usually they are generic in nature. You can usually tell if they haven’t actually read anything on your site.

I don’t get many real personal ones.

Yes, they are generic, copy pasted comments that have nothing to do with your website.