Co-founder as a service? Has this been done before?

Has anyone seen such a model being offered before?

Strategic consulting & MVP development on a fixed costs basis & small equity (where applicable). Not outsourced. Time and materials with milestone deliverables.

My thinking is that this would be something targeting people who have too little experience to talk to a software house and are likely moonlighting in idea stage. The big risk I see here is expectation managment and goal alignments.

Is this a good track for a one-man consulting business?
I would love to see examples of this being done before and hear your thoughts.

I think that “co-founder” implies staying on the project for years. Just helping with MVP development and strategy is closer to a regular consultation.

Here’s an example of a one-woman consulting business focused on SaaS:

Interview with Nichole:

Sounds like CTO-as a service which some freelancers/consultants are offering.

Yes see