Closing Game Oven: numbers and struggles

A great breakdown of the life of a game company (mobile games, mostly, I think), including numbers and details:

Good read. It makes me glad I never tried hard enough to get into the mobile app business.

The numbers for my humble super-niche desktop application are much better.

98% piracy on one of their games. Ouch.

Gaming in mobile is such problematic area , Although there are so much mobile users . and gaming category is the must growing
for indie to make product ( game ) its suicide .
this is from what i read /see

If you make table planning software, you are competing with other table planning software, Excel and post-it notes. That’s hard enough as a small bootstrapped company.

But if you make games, you are competing against every other game on your platform, films, going to the pub, watching Netflix. watching TV etc.

From figures I googled some 290,000 of the 1,400,000 apps in the iOS app store are games.

There are exception of games with depth and story that did well . but they are very few .
but if you go into casino F2P / social F2P / cookie clickers F2P or clash on clan types you are in deep sh***t .
game development is beautiful craft for indies but mobile made it cheap … very cheap