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Chrome doesn't like your forum and it's your fault



Seriously, this is such a great forum I hate to see something that will scare away people. Time for Let’s Encrypt guys!

offered with much love,



I agree this could frighten some people…but this certainly not the site owners fault.

Google blinding forcing SSL upon everyone isn’t the answer.

Then again, using Chrome isn’t the answer either.

Having said that, it is easy to setup now and where ever this site is hosted probably has it automated these days.


Yes, it was clickbait-y :sunglasses: But I did want to raise this issue because seeing an insecure site nowadays is rare - and it could put people here at risk.


It’s not only Chrome. Firefox displays the same fear mongering message.


OK. All traffic is now force-routed to https.


Thanks @andrey - any plans for discuss.bootstrapped.fm for 2019 you can share?


Same as 2018 - Just try to keep it up, and running, and free.


As for me, the connection is displayed safe.