CashNotify - Stripe notifications for macOS

I’m working on a macOS app called CashNotify.
It’s a menubar app which tells you when something important happens in your Stripe account, like new or failed payments.

Stripe notifications for mac

The app is in beta. It’s working great, and I just want to make sure everything’s fine before launching it.
In order to do that, I need some help:

  • I’m looking for 5 people to test the app. Comment below and I’ll send you a download link.
  • I’m also looking for as much feedbacks as possible on the website:

I’m specifically looking for product creators and other makers selling directly or through e-commerce platforms*, as long as Stripe is the payment processor.

Even if it’s not the first target I had in mind when designing the app, I’d also be interested to get the feedbacks from SaaS app developers and other software development shops.
I’m specifically wondering if the app could prove useful when making regular test payments, as it would let anyone check payment status without having to go through Stripe’s API log.

Also, if you’re interested by the concept, but can’t use the app because you’re not using a mac or Stripe, please let me know which OS or payment solutions you’re using (Braintree, Gumroad, Paypal, Square, Fastspring, etc.).


*or any service ultimately pushing money to a Stripe account: Recurly, Moonclerk, Chargify, Memberful, BigCommerce, Shopify, Squarespace, Big Cartel, Stitch, Harvest, Freshbooks, Plasso, Weebly, etc.

Edit: now that the app is launched, I’ve renamed the title of this post. Former title was “Looking for Mac + Stripe users to test a new desktop app”.


Hey Julien, I’d be happy to help you test your app, and provide feedback. I use Stripe for payment processing in Rails apps, and also use it to sell digital products. You send the download link to (and feel free to include a notes on what you want tested).

Hey Raymond, thanks. I’ve sent you everything over email.
Let me know how it goes!

Hey, Julien–

Happy to test and provide feedback. Disclaimer - I use Stripe to process payment for services (vs. products), but do use Mac + Stripe. If that’s helpful, feel welcome to shoot me an email: claire (@) loveyourcustomers (.) co.

Great to have you on-board Claire! I’ve sent you the details by email.

I’ll be without any connection for the coming days, so just email me hello (@) cashnotify (dot) com or PM me here if you have any question, and I’ll answer as soon as I can connect.

Website looks fantastic - very clearly states what it does, great rundown of features, etc.

I’d suggest throwing some why points in there as well - how does this help me if I’m a freelancer/store owner/other?

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Looks great Julien.

Really interested in trying this out, will drop you an email now.

Good point about the why, Travis. I’ll work on it.

Great Dave, will send you the download link now :slight_smile:

(For anyone interested, I’m deep in the middle of no-wifi-zone, so don’t worry if I don’t reply in the coming week.)

Hey, I’m about to get back online next week. In the meanwhile CashNotify is being featured on BetaList:

If you like the project, 1) subscribe to the mailing list :smiley:, and 2) a like on BetaList would be much love!

Hey Bootstrapped, I’m happy to tell you that CashNotify is LIVE! :smile:

After lots of great feedbacks while in beta — some of them from this very community — I publicly launched CashNotify yesterday.
It feels so good to have my own product out in the World, and even better receiving emails and tweets with lots of message full of love (and advices) :smiley:

You can read more on how I plan to develop CashNotify, on this interview from BetaList.

Of course, happy to discuss or reply to any question here!