Case Study of Marketing a new Software Product

OS X comes with built-in PDF support. So this company’s ability to create and sell a Mac product for handling PDFs impresses me. Read their launch story here:

Reading between the lines, they seem to be selling $20K per day on the Mac App Store to US customers. They also sell directly from their own website.

I downloaded and tried their product. It is worth taking a look to see how a pro company does a great job of marketing software.


Nice read, thanks for sharing!

I like this quote:

Many people told me that it doesn’t make sense to build a product that already has some decent alternatives. But honestly, I like competition. Healthy competition indicates that there is a good addressable market out there. Having a superior product that does things better and is differentiated enough can lead to a successful and sustainable business.

Also was interesting that the week they got featured and got 3.8 million new users they also lost money. Curious about how that worked!

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