Capterra to promote vertical market software

Has anyone tried using Capterra to promote their software? I am currently listed using the free plan but they have paid plans. It seems to rank well in search engines and there are options to pay to be near the top of the list of products in each category.

I’ve had a free listing on their for years and the amount of traffic I get is negligible. I also tried purchasing a few of their leads, without success.

Might be worth a try if your ticket price is high (>$1k) and there aren’t too many other products with paid listings in your category.

How much traffic do you get from them now? Would it be worth it if a paid listing gave you 10x as much?

Getting practical here. Enter the generic keyword that describes your product in a SEO tracker and see how performs that site for that certain keyword. If it’s under the 10st results (1st page of SERPs) go for it, otherwise, I don’t advice to pay for being submitted.

For instance. Let’s say that you have a AwesomeAccounting™ tool out in the market. Your potential visitors are not going to look for you with that awesome brandname. They are most likely to find you while they query their favorite search engine with ‘accounting software’.

If you don’t know what are the generic kw that describe your product or service, Google Analytics > Acquisition > Search Engine Optimization > Queries will indicate you what were some of the queries that brought visitors in the past.

Now, find a SEO tracker that can help with this. I use semrush with my clients - I’m not yet a bootstrapper, but I’m on my way :slight_smile: . Enter main domain of capterra in the search box and selects the main language market where you are targetting your product.

Enter your most generic keyword in the section created for that and evaluate how it perfoms for that product aggregator, and filter to obtain the most simple search query.

With this last screenshot, seeing that Capterra only ranks in the last positions of the 2nd page (18) for the query that likely most of clients will enter in Google… Does it worthy to pay what they are asking for? Imho, no.

I don’t know specifically about this promotion site, but I have seen many others which main business model is to ‘drive quality traffic to your site in exchange of an amount that is between 1k/2k’. I can say that one of my clients insisted in pay the fee in a similar site, and we receive around 10-20 daily non qualified visits.

*I don’t know if affiliate links are allowed in this forum. The one from semrush is one, but if I’m not allowed just tell me and I will remove it.

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This is good insight. Captera actually is in 4th place on the first page for my niche, so might be worth a try.

Follow up from this. I have been advertising on Capterra for the last few months for around $500 a month. Surprisingly I found it definitely worthwhile. I would have generated on average around 5 new subscriptions per month out of it so a cost of acquisition of around $100 each, which I am happy with. My average subscription is around $40 per months so it takes only 2.5 months to pay off. I will probably boost my spend on here to $700 per month next year and a similar amount on Google Adwords.