Can you criticize my website?


My application is a SaaS for managing associations of hunters. It’s only available in Spanish, and it has been online since last November.

My main problem is that this is a very small and non tech-savvy niche. When I meet people they’re interested in using it, but through Internet it’s so much difficult.

Can you have a look at the website (sorry, only Spanish), and tell me what can be wrong with it? URL is

Thank you!

“What can be wrong” is broad.

What problems are you experiencing? Bad google ranking? Bad organic traffic? Bad sign-up rate? Bad retention rate? Something else?

If you don’t know which of these it is, you should do better tracking.

If you do know, please tell us, and that will help in analysing the site.

Wow! Thank you for this questions, they’ve helped me to look better at my website’s statistics.

Which is the main problem? Low trafic. In the last month, 144 sessions, 412 page visits, and a 67% bounce rate.

Looking at more detailed statistics, I can see that my AdWords campaign’s result is horrible (83% bounce rate, 0:36 session duration), but they are 37% of all visits. Direct trafic is better (67% bounce rate, 3:35 session duration), and it’s 36% of the visits. What works best are referrals (28% bounce rate and 3:52 session duration), but it’s only 15% of the visits. Organic search is very low (less than 10%) and social media is nearly inexistant.

As far as I understand, to get better organic traffic I must write interesting articles targeted to my customers, isn’t it?

Another problem I have is a really low sign-up rate. But maybe my main problem is that I need more visits to analyse my site?

I’m sorry, there are lots of data to study, and I don’t know exactly what I have to look… Also, I’m really new to web marketing…

Thank you for your help!


You said it yourself - you are targeting a very small niche. Why don’t you translate it in English too? This will somewhat increase your market.
Why did you choose this market? Are you a hunter yourself?
I imagine that there are gatherings and different events/expos for hunters. Maybe you can go there and talk personally to people?

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Hi Marc,

Since you have a very specific niche, have you try cold reach out? Finding a database / contact information should be easy.

Also, is there a reason why not translating this into English? I’m also in Spain but since a few years back I decided not to focus on the Spanish market. 97% of my revenue is from others places. I don’t event have a Spanish version of my site.

When it comes to software, I think Spain is a small market.

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Hi Jeff,

I’m not a hunter (and maybe this is one of the problems, don’t know…). I choose this market because some years ago I developed a custom software for an association of hunters, and I found that exists lots of hunting associations, but it doesn’t exist any software for them. They can use a more generic accounting software, a mailing software and a members management software, but there isn’t any software targeted directly to manage this kind of associations.

We’ve already been on an expo, and it was really interesting. It was an small expo, but people found interesting the software.

I don’t know if it’s a good idea to translate it to English. I don’t have enough knowledge about how the rest of the world works about hunting. In Spain, people can’t go anywhere and hunt freely, they must get a permission from the zone’s association and, more or less, there is one association on each town. Don’t know, I must study this scenario and see if it’s a good idea.

Hi Conrado,

I’ve already have a small database of hunting associations (currently, only associations in Catalonia). One of my ideas is to send them information about my software via snail mail (I know, it’s a really “vintage” method, but I have only the post address of these associations).

I also think that Spain is a small market when it comes to software, but I thought that as this is an Spanish niche, maybe it can work… Anyway, as I’ve already told to Jeff, I’ll study the option to translate the software to English.

Hi, I think you have a very niche product.

You may want to broaden the app’s functionality to handle clubs, and teams for example.

I’m not a hunter but I am a competitive tournament Archer so i do get exposed to the bow hunting market quite a lot.

Here in the UK Bow Hunting is illegal but there is a bow hunting association, the British Bowhunters Association. However, they do not issue tags / passes as members have to travel abroad to hunt.

I would say the American market is by far the biggest hunting market, just for bow hunting alone it’s probably larger that any european market. Factor in firearms hunting and the USA is a huge market.

As far as i know in the USA it’s the individual States that issue tags/passes so they probably have tried and tested systems. However, maybe yours is better?

I know some other European countries do have (Bow) hunting, as does New Zealand.

In the USA I know hunters do congregate in online communities and form ‘Teams’ that compete against each other every hunting season (sorry I don’t know the mechanics of that). So maybe looking at the USA market may give you some ideas how you might expand your product to fit a bigger market.

I think if you want any sizeable income you’ll probably have to translate to English and go beyond Spanish borders. You’ll probably need an easy way to translate in to other languages too.

Also hunters have their own language/jargon/terms just like any niche and given recent high profile stories (Cecil the Lion etc) they tend to be much more guarded especially those who are obvious ‘outsiders’.

Hope this helps