Can anyone recommend a great ecommerce guided course or mentor?

I want to move away from writing software as a side-gig, just not interested in doing that. I’d love to start an E-commerce business but I’m having an immense amount of trouble finding a product that would sell.

When I think I’m onto something I have lots of second thoughts, and would love some guidance based in experience.

Other members of my family are interested in doing something similar and I’m sort of guiding the way.

Hi Michael,

Just today, I got an email in my Inbox from FEInternational where Ismael (a broker of theirs) launched an ebook about insights regarding eCommerce sites taken from sales of 250 sites.

It’s free, but only for the next 4 days. After that, it’s $5.

That may be a good place to start for “best practices” and things to avoid in the biz: