Can anyone recommend a good accountant for bootstrappers in the UK?

A few years ago I opened a limited company in the UK which I have mainly been using for contracting. I also have various side projects running through that, so I get a bit of extra protection and don’t need to think about how it will affect my personal taxes. I recently switched to an employed position, so the only thing running through the company now is the side projects, which brings in ~£100/mo.

I’ve been using Crunch, however their quality of service has really gone down over the past year, prices are going up (£80/mo), and their software isn’t very friendly for bootstrappers (I have to enter all the invoices manually and connecting Stripe payments is a PITA) - so I’m looking to switch to someone else.

So I’m wondering if someone could recommend an accountant who is knowledgeable about online businesses but isn’t too expensive (I’ve found a productised services for this, but they are similar prices or more than I’m paying now for Crunch). All I want them to do is to file the various returns and the annual accounts - I’m not looking for them to give me tax or business advice - and I’m the sole director and employee.

I see a lot of suggestions to find a local accountant that you can meet face-to-face, but the other spanner in the works is I’m no longer living in the UK. I only want them to manage accounting for the company - my personal taxes I can handle myself - but an accountant who is happy doing most things over phone/email is what I’m after.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Lucas I use Nick over at he does a lot of online businesses.

It is hard to keep costs down for a ltd company accounts as there is so much filing to do. Have you thought of just closing the company if you don’t need it? Or you could make it dormant if you think you will use it in the future: