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Call for questions/topics for upcoming mobile-app episode


We will soon be recording a mobile-app episode of Bootstrapped.fm, with special guest, Gavin Bowman of Retro Dreamer. We’ll be covering topics related to running a successful bootstrapped mobile app company.

If anyone has topics suggestions or questions, let me know.


I’d like to hear about:

  • the pros and cons of alternatives (if any) to Objective-C for iOS development.
  • how to track the sales funnel, or coping with the inability to do so
  • how best to track marketing efforts in Apple’s iOS App Store


Perhaps you can talk about:

  • Changes to the mobile game market in 2013
  • Is Unity/multi-platform the best way for small indie game devs to survive
  • How Retro Dreamer will change with its new team member
  • Merchandise – why not make print on demand shirts, etc. available for games


I’d be interested to know about :

  • any experience using the various tools available to build a HTML5 app (PhoneGap, Trigger.io, etc)
  • How to optimize for minimising data bandwidth
  • Android or iPhone first?




We had already recorded the episode, by the time you posted your question suggestions. We did address some of them, though, during our conversation. The episode should be up as soon as editing is done.