Buying a competitors domain

I’ve a competitor who’s exited this particular niche and I’ve got an option to buy their domain.

For lots of reasons I won’t be purchasing their business or dealing with any existing customers - this is purely about their existing website/domain and any ‘google juice’ that can be extracted from it.

  • How would you do this technology for maximum SEO value - guessing a 301 redirect back to my site?
  • How would you go about trying to value this - tools for counting inbound links/estimates of traffic?
  • Any things to watch out for - things like a risk of negative reputation either SEO wise or from existing customers who feel they have been abandoned etc?

Ideally, you would 301 redirect to a similar path with similar content on your own domain. Otherwise the ‘juice’ will be spilt once google realizes the content is no longer a match.

We have been using ahrefs to watch/recommend seo, but there are so many tools available.

The value of the domain is a little your opinion and a little what do you think it would be worth without the juice. After a couple of months of redirecting the value will be in the domain only unless there are many links existing from 3rd parties. I have been quoted recently $25k for two word domains (not saying they would get that, but two different services for two completely unrelated domains).

Interesting - it’s not really feasible or desirable to reproduce similar content as all their content is about their own product which no longer exists.

So if the ‘juice’ is spilt then the value to me would be minimal I guess - only their existing customers asking ‘what happened to XXX’ which I could capture if I can get a page/post on my site mentioning their name/domain indexed.

Defo this, it’s not just google search result links from their old site it’s all those backlinks that their domain has.

in an ideal world you’d map as many of their urls to similar or related content on your site.