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So… I’ve been thumping fingers on keyboards for a couple of weeks in the evenings and I’ve built

There’s a few rough edges and some construction dust :wink: for example I know searching businesses by ‘tag’ doesn’t work yet. A little job for the weekend.

I’d love for you guys to have a quick preview and give me any feedback you have…

  • If your product is in there and you’d like to make some changes to copy
  • You’d like to add your (available for sale!) product to the directory
  • You know of a product I’ve totally missed
  • Any extra information you’d like about each product or company

I mostly built it to fulfil my own curiosity as to if I wanted to support a small bootstrapped business to do xxx where would I find a list of businesses that did that?


Nice work. Thank you for helping out the little guys.

You’re welcome.

Excellent Andy! It’d be nice for the Buy Bootstrapped brand to have a little icon/logo/mark; you know, a badge we could include on our product websites, to tie it together. Maybe the design-capable among us have some ideas.

Not a bad idea…

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What a great idea, and pretty inspirational, thanks.

But it seems you’ve got an issue on searching by tag, clicking on one brings out an error page, for example:

I know - I’m working on it! :smile:

I also have to fix up the screenshots, they look a bit funky.

Thank you again, that’s proactive

Thank you! You might add Amy Hoy’s Freckle to the list, too.

Interesting idea. But a lot of bootstrapped companies (esp B2B ones) like people to think they are bigger and better funded/resourced than they really are. They might not want to be associated with a ‘bootstrapped’ label.

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Hi Andy!

nice initiative, thanks for your work! (and I just submitted my own product WiseCash, proudly bootstrapped from a remote part of France).

Some bits of feedback:

  • => maybe show “Bootstrapped Products” instead of “Products” ?
  • => I would replace “Welcome” / “Hi there” by something that gives a more immediate hint of where we are. Also, the link to the page of products in a bit hidden, maybe a big button would help etc.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks a lot for featuring my product!

One smallish note: the home page looks a bit empty and non-inviting at the moment. Maybe you could include several of the newly added products or somehow emphasize the “Buy Bootstrapped” link?

Definitely. Good feedback from @thibaut_barrere as well… will have an ‘iterate’ through another version. Agree the homepage isn’t all it could be.

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Great idea, just submitted two of our apps! thanks.

This is a great idea. It is always nice to feel you are supporting fellow bootstrappers when you do business.

Made the changes tonight while watching the new animation on Netflix - Bojack Horseman - it’s funny but undemanding (hence the coding!)

Great work, Andy! I just submitted my little project, bootstrapped with love from the Canaries.

Some feedback…

  • It’d be nice to show last products on homepage

  • Tags on lists are not clickable

I see a few SaaS bootstrapped businesses that you’re missing:
Bidsketch by Ruben Gamez
AuditShark by Mike Taber
HitTail by Rob Walling
CrazyEgg and KISSMetrics by Hiten Shah/Neil Patel

Also, I’d suggest collapsing the tags “support” and “customer support” into the same one–since they’re no different (or tag all apps that use either with BOTH)