Business of Software USA 2019 full schedule announced

The Business of Software USA conference this year runs from 16th to 18th September 2019, and – like every year - is in Boston.

The full schedule is here:

BoS is pricey for a bootstrapper, but I highly recommend it.

How do you get value from BoS? Is it by watching talks or from networking, behind the scene chats, etc?

How do you get value from BoS?

Good question. Networking for sure.

  • BoS is small, by intention. This encourages relaxed mingling. Counterintuitively, at large conferences attendees tend to stick with their own colleagues.
  • Most of the attendees are good at running software businesses. This makes the conversations over meals and drinks really helpful.
  • The speakers don’t get segregated from the attendees, so you get to speak with them during meals and breaks.

Therefore you get plenty of chances to speak to talented people running excellent companies.

An example: At BoS Europe this year, I had the chance to chat directly with the founder of Paddle. He was surprisingly candid about his company. He gave me some advice about how I could improve my B2B SaaS’s payment page.