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Business of Software gone


I noticed recently that the old “Business of Software” forum has been taken offline. :frowning: A shame, because I still liked to browse the old topics from time to time. Anyone know if there’s a way to download an offline copy?


I’ve also noticed a couple of months ago that the server was down. But, if you are really interested on the content, you can always use the Internet Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20120303060105/http://discuss.joelonsoftware.com/default.asp?biz

There are lots of copies of the contents, so I suppose that you can find all the threads/messages.

Anyway, it woud be a good idea to make an offline copy of the site.


IIRC the forum software that powered Business of Software was part of FogBugz.

Fog Creek recently sold off FogBugz (under its new name of Manuscript), and renamed the company as Glitch. Maybe during that process the Business of Software forum inadvertently fell off the earth.

Pity. It was that forum which gave me the knowledge and motivation I needed to start my company 10 years ago. I also liked to browse it from time to time for nostalgia.


It was a great forum at the time, with a few nifty tricks that kept trolls from taking over conversations. So is discuss.bootstrapped.fm its spiritual child?


I tweeted to Anil Dash, the CEO of what was Fog Creek (now called Glitch) about the missing BoS forum archive. His reply:

We have an archive, I’ll see if we can get a static snapshot up and running again.

So there is some hope…


Lots of great content on that forum. Shame if it disappeared.


To be honest, most of that content is now outdated, even if it was quite good back in the day. This forum looks like a spritual successor, but community is much smaller. BoS success wasn’t just a fluke, it was directly connected to Joel’s excelent blog, one of the best resources in 2000s for people like us.