Business of Software Conference

I just got back from this year’s Business of Software Conference (Europe edition). It was a good experience, and I recommend it to anyone considering it in the future. (The USA version is in Boston in September.)

It is definitely expensive compared to, say, MicroConf. So what did I like about it? The speakers? Well, yes, they were good, but I can watch past conference talks on the Business of Software website, so the value of the speakers wasn’t enough to justify the cost. The organisation? It was meticulously run, but that doesn’t make my business better. The real value is that the speakers and many of the attendees run successful software companies, and they all gave generously of their time over meals and drinks.

People running companies with 25, 100, and even 200 employees politely asked about my business, then offered insights into what I could do better. It helped me to hone my positioning and marketing strategy.


If you could only go to one of them next year - which one and why?

To bad, completely missed it. That makes me wondering, where do they do their marketing?

If you could only go to one of them next year - which one and why?

Do you mean one of Business of Software EU vs Microconf EU? In that case, definitely BoS as it is more focused on where I’m at in business. I think Microconf is great for people not yet started, or working alone, though.

@MarkLittlewood who runs Business of Software occasionally posts teasers in this forum. Perhaps he is too oblique when he does so, rather than just outright announcing the conference!

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Dang, I went and missed this didn’t I?!

I try not to be too pushy and don’t really like hijacking other fora and threads, perhaps it is the English in me. We want the right people to know about the event, we’re not that comfortable with all of the groth hacking tactics that other events use though to grab attention. :frowning:

Here are the speakers this year.

I will put up a separate post and hope that no one minds.

Sorry to hear you missed BoS Europe; BoS USA takes place in Boston, MA from September 18-20th if you were interested in coming along to that. Prices go up at the end of the month so it’s a good time to get your booking in if you wanted to come. More details on Mark’s link below.