Business of Software Conference USA - a deal for Bootstrappers

Dearly beloved Bootstrappers,

Here’s the final schedule for Business of Software Conference USA.

Trying to keep it brief…

  • When/Where: 18-20 Sept, Boston, MA
  • Who/What: Single track, with a focus on growing long term, sustainable, profitable software businesses. In the words of Joel Spolsky, "a conference where every speaker would keynote at other events’. Founders/CEOs and some software industry/experts sharing what they know in a single stream conference - Anil Dash, Seth Godin, Natalie Nagele, Jason Cohen, Brennan Dunn, Bridget Harris and more…
  • How much: Until end of August, $1895 exc workshop / $2195 inc workshop. (Though as you are smart enough to be in this forum, if you register for a conference ticket before end of August, let me know and I will throw in a workshop pass at no charge).
  • Why come? Because you think most conferences suck because they are filled with sponsors, chancers and hangers on and you want to hang with your peers who want to build a business for the long term.

If you want to know more, this post has some stories from previous attendees talking about the value they get from coming and the problems we help you solve.

Would love to see you there. We would also love any thoughts on schedule/speakers and what you’d like to see at future BoS events…