Building Stuff and Making Rent

Hi all,

My name is Eric Lamb and I’m the founder of mithra62 and one of the co-founders of VITY. mithra62 was founded over 4 years ago and is actually going nicely though I’ve recently realized I needed to step things up quite a bit in order to maximize its potential. And VITY is a new startup I help found last year that has gone through a nightmare of partner disappointments to be reborn lately with a vengeance. So things are pretty good.

Still though, I’m hoping to learn how best to market my products moving forward, something I’ve realized I’m ill equipped for on my own, so I’m here to soak up what I can and help where I can.


Welcome Eric.

mithra62 seems like a very targeted product. Vity seems a vague. How are you marketing it?

Yeah, mithra62 has a pretty set customer base. Developers. Done and done :slight_smile:

That said, I am shaking things up there a bit by focusing on a single product instead of the previous “stable” I currently have. But I’ll make that a separate topic.

Right now, we’re mostly marketing through dog-fooding the platform. I mean, why build a marketing platform and NOT use it to market our self, you know? Still, there’s a point of diminishing returns and circular reach we’re obviously up against so am looking to expand into actual marketing. With goals even!