Building a Productivity Community

Hi Bootstrappers,

I’ve started a community, using the same forum software as this in fact, with the goal of bringing productivity gurus and team members/leaders together to share ideas, tools and productivity processes.

Small Squall was launched in April, and I’m working hard to spread the word without investing in advertisements and social media promotions just yet. I’m bootstrapping the community with funds earned consulting on the weekends, so I don’t have much to spare for elaborate marketing campaigns to drum up membership. There’s no revenue model in place at the moment, as I’m working to develop a solid, trusted brand in the productivity space.

What are your recommendations for building a community from scratch, with limited scratch? I’d love your feedback on how I can spread the word and improve Small Squall.

Thanks in advance!

edit: The Small Squall name comes from the idea that the community can create the perfect storm of productivity. Just don’t tell George Clooney.


I’m not sure if I have any great suggestions for how to building community, however as a productivity nerd I’m heading right on over to join :smiley:

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That’s awesome to hear! I’m looking forward to reading your contributions.

Great idea! Just signed up for it.
This is the kind of stuff that audience would dig. Have you tried reaching out to them?

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Thanks @Latish! Any idea where I should post on Lifehacker? I know they used to have a forum type community board, but I haven’t seen much since one of their recent redesigns.

On their About page, they suggest emailing

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Thanks! I’ll shoot them an email and cross my fingers they like the idea as well.