Boulder, Colorado Startup Week


I’m going to be in Boulder from the 9th through the 19th, hoping to visit some events at ‘startup week’, as well as interview with a variety of companies.

If anyone’s in the area or going to be at startup week, it’d be fun to meet.

What with the housing prices, I’m getting the impression that Boulder is probably not the best place to bootstrap a company, but it’s where we’re headed, for a variety of reasons.

Would love to get up there, but that’s a bit of a hike from south Denver (1+ hr drive, one way).

As for housing prices, Boulder has been that way for a LONG time. When I lived there 12 years ago, it was bad. You didn’t live in Boulder proper if you were price conscious–you moved to Louisville, Lafayette, Longmont or Broomfield. Still within a reasonable commute distance to Boulder, much more affordable and reasonable. Add Erie and some other rural communities to that list today, it’s still more or less true. Great area to be in though. :slight_smile:

BSW is going to be a great introduction to Boulder. I’m living in Boulder right now and will be attending a few events.

Anything in particular you’re going to?

This, that and the other thing. I’ve got the stetson from my profile pic, so I should be easy to pick out from a crowd.

I’m trying to hit up the early morning office hours, since you get 20 min to chat with an accomplished investor or businessperson in the community.

The speakers are big time hit or miss.