Bootstrapping-related podcasts


I thought it might be useful to compile a list of podcasts different folks recommend. I’ll start off:

I’m going to try to keep this first post updated with everyone’s addtions

Bootstrapped (of course!)
Startups for the Rest of Us (Rob Walling & Mike Taber - consistently high quality)
Tropical MBA (great stuff, especially if you’re interested in location independence/digital nomadism)
Entrepreneur on Fire (7 days/week, 100% interview format)
Chasing Product
Bootstrapped Web
Bootstrapped with Kids
Product People (Justin Jackson - infrequent now, but good interviews)
The Rocketship Podcast
Kalzumeus Podcast (Patrick McKenzie - rare, but good)
Mixergy (consensus seems to be that this is hit or miss for bootstrappers, but great interviewing)
The App Guy Podcast
Our Own Little Accelerator
The Gently Mad
Smart Passive Income
Startup Chat
Think Act Get

What are some of your favorites?


Those are all good. I would also add “Chasing Product” to the list.

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I’d also add:
Bootstrapped Web
Bootstrapped with Kids
Product People
The Rocketship Podcast

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Patrick McKenzie’s podcast (Low frequency, but great content).
Chasing Product


In my opnion, Mixergy is the best.


I used to really like Mixergy but now I only get good information from them every 2-4 episodes.

Mixergy’s doesn’t really focus on bootstrapping and episodes on shoe salesmen or content sites don’t give me the same level of actionable advice as the more focused bootstrapped ones.


I personally really like the How to Build a Rocketship podcast. I’ve gotten a lot from it.


In addition to what has been listed so far, I have been enjoying The App Guy Podcast. Paul Kemp has interviewed several bootstrappers that I follow, consistently 30mins each episode.

Big thumbs up for Product People and Startups for the Rest of Us. I consistently get something out of each of those podcasts. I’ve unsubscribed from Mixergy because the frequency of posting has me buried in an avalanche of “sometimes applicable” interviews. However, it cannot be denied that Andrew Warner (Mixergy) is the best interviewer that I’ve ever listened to. I do pull down an episode every once and a while when I hear about someone specific being interviewed.

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Thanks Ryan! I’ve added that to the first post.


I’ll also add:

Our Own Little Accelerator:

Hasn’t been an episode in a long while, but I loved their open, recorded mastermind format. It was helpful to hear how each bootstrapper was applying different strategies and tactics to their respective businesses.

My favorites are already in the list above: Startups for the Rest of Us and Kalzumeus (because Rob Walling and Patrick McKenzie are two of the most deft bootstrappers around).


Just an update on Product People: we’re back to releasing a new episode every Thursday!

You can find the latest episodes here or subscribe on iTunes.

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Not sure how strictly related to “bootstrapping” we’re going for here, but these are solid shows with lots of overlap:

The Gently Mad
Smart Passive Income
Startup Chat
Think Act Get


Thanks @CasJam! I updated the OP with those.


Drew Wilson and Keiran Flanigan’s new podcast Narwhals is really proving to hit some raw nerves for me. The most recent episode (04) Drew and Keiran share how well some of his past apps have performed.


Just wanted to call attention to Episode 216 of Startups for the Rest of Us in case this busy holiday week made you miss it. It’s an very good interview with a highly successful founder. Topics include launching before automating, marketing over building extra features, hiring the right people, startup mindset, etc. I listened to it twice.

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Some good additional podcasts here. There’s a roundup of podcasts for bootstrappers with a little description on each one if you’re keen to add a few to itunes/podcatcher:


Heard two episodes of the App Marketing Podcast I thought were worth mentioning:

A live workshopping session for a PR email:
Thought it had good tips about presenting a product and working with the press.

How Rob Percival earns over $100,000 a month on Udemy:
I think it’s always worth considering if you could be using your time more profitably. If you have an in demand skill, creating a course about it might make more sense than building a product. It’s the old “when there’s a gold rush, sell picks and shovels” idea.


There is also “Stacking the bricks” from Amy Hoy and Alex Hillman


I like Release Notes, which is focused on building businesses that sell iOS & Mac apps.