"Bootstrapping It", a Collection on Medium

Hey there friends. I’ve recently been posting some of my older blog posts to Medium.com, in a move to help recycle content and reach new audiences. I’ve created a collection specifically for bootstrapping articles called Bootstrapping It.

I’d love to see some of your content in there as well. Because of the new way collections work on Medium, an author needs to be invited into a collection to post there, so alas in order to get your content in there I’ll need to know your Medium username (or I can search for it if you just tell me that you’re interested).

So, if you’re interested in posting to that collection, just let me know. Already I’ve gotten some new eyes on my content, and Matt Cutts (from Google) has said that duplicate content isn’t going to negatively effect your rankings.

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I’ve decided to try republishing some older posts on Medium too, so I’d love to be able to post to the collection.

My first post is here: https://medium.com/@rachelandrew/unfashionably-profitable-2379969a26f9

Hey @rachelandrew, I’ve added you as a publisher to the list, but you’ll have to submit the post to the collection. Thanks! Looking forward to your articles.

Hi Ryan! I’d love to share some the bootstrapping content I’ve written for the Snappy blog. Thanks for doing this, I look forward to seeing what others share. :smile:

Awesome! You’ve been added as a contributor @alyssamazzina. Looking forward to reading more of your content!

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I’m curious to know what the results have been from re-publishing old articles to medium. Have you guys seen a significant increase in traffic? How about opt-in and conversions from medium?

I honestly haven’t seen any conversions from re-publishing to Medium. I have had a couple of articles get over 4K views each and a few dozen recommendations, which I’m sure does something for brand building if anything (I also average about 50% read ratio, so at least they are spending some time on it too, not just bouncing).

I wouldn’t chase after Medium if it wasn’t so easy just to copy/paste old articles up there (with the exception of re-uploading images), and maybe giving a slightly different title for search engine’s sake.

These experiences are pretty much the same with what I’ve experienced posting on LinkedIn and Quora.