Bootstrapping Academy

Hey Bootstrappers,

I was wondering if anyone know of a good online academy or courses for Bootstrapping a software startup, solopreneurs, micropreneurs?

I was a member of Rob & Mike’s Micropreneur and am thinking about joining Amy Hoy’s & Alex Hillmans 30x500

So that’s 2… anyone know of any others?


p.s. most intriguing thing about 30x500 to me is their “Alumni community” which sounds awesome. Anyone know of other places like that? (like here at :wink:

I’ve been a member of both. 30x500 is pretty good, although I’m told it has been redesigned.

But at one point, you just have to get off your posterior and actually do something. And that’s hard. You can read all the inspiring blogs you want, join all the courses, but unless you actually do something, it’s useless.

My thoughts are: Wanting to join courses/read books/ blogs are also a form of procrastination.


lol, yeah, i’m a perfectionist, I guess I want my ducks in a row… but that is procrastinating…

Sometimes courses/ebooks get in the way. Gotta practice “Just-In-Time” learning for sure.

That being said, it’s cool having a template/framework and a group to support you & bounce ideas off of.

@shantnu how’s the community aspect of 30x500, is there an Alumni group/forum? How is it?


I agree with @shantnu – if you haven’t started anything yet, these are just a form of procrastination. I think they do bring value but the fact of the matter is there are a lot more “wantrepreneurs” than actual entrepreneurs.

It’s a great business model for these programs, because they’re like gym memberships: people pay as a way to “get started” but most never go beyond that, specially when there are sacrifices, risks and loss of revenue involved in entrepreneurship.

Personally, once I reach a certain financial milestone, I’ll join a mastermind group to try to push things to the next level. You should always join a group where you’re the least experienced and/or successful. This is the best way to grow in any field: surround yourself with those better/further than yourself.

Finally, I believe a huge part of being an entrepreneur these days is learning to research & figure things out yourself using free/low-cost resources first: books, podcasts, webinars. Being able to research a market/field/competitors is an incredibly useful skill to have. Read Rob Walling’s book “Start Small Stay Small” & that’s the 1st thing that jumps at you: the guy can do a lot of analysis on his own.

The old adage “Learn how to fish rather than how to buy them” comes in mind. Good luck! :smiley:

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@anon3850446 Thanks.

If you want to find s mastermind now (sidebar: hey we could start one even?) The best place I’ve found to join a mastermind was I was able to join a couple masterminds on there and am still apart of one today and it’s uber beneficial.

We meet every Saturday via Skype noon est. We start with our wins for the week. Then talk about what we did previous week, goals for next week. Then a sounding board for anyone who has issues.

FYI–The Micropreneur Academy has an “alumni community” as well–it’s on I’ve been a member of it since 2009. Can’t say how it compares to 30x500, but I know the community here is solid and respectable. Guys like Ruben from Bidsketch are in there.

If it’s masterminds you’re after then I feel obliged to plug Ken’s which a lot of people used during MicroConf. There, fixed that for ya. :wink:

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