Bootstrapper Here!

Hey Everyone,

My name is Wilson and I’m a huge fan of the bootstrapper community. I come from a city where there are more investors knocking on doors than entrepreneurs seeking investment (Silicon Valley) :P, but I have huge respect for people in the bootstrapping community.

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Hi, welcome! You bootstrapping anything yourself, simplysky?

@Richard Thanks for the greetings! I always have side projects. Previously I worked on Dailypulse . io and yup I’m working on simple sky, which is a course site. Would love your feedbacks courses dot simplesky dot io (discourse won’t let me post links) :frowning:

I think the courses definitely have a market. I’d probably push more ‘benefit’ into your headline/subhead, and target the specific customer very carefully.

E.g. by “growth” you’re meaning growth hackery, not “scale my startup”. Your front-page copy should probably more explicitly say that, to exclude the crowd and focus more on the people you want, who will then be able to say “yup, this is for me!”

The headline “The Go To Place To Learn Growth And Tech” is likely something you can make more punchy. You need a headline that stops budding growth hackers dead and makes them need to read the rest, immediately. This might help? It’s part of a series so you can get just that one or the whole bundle.

Gawd, I’m so going to get banned for talking about growth hacking. I better stop now.