Bootstrapper Friendly Mapping

Hey all,

I’m looking at a project that will require a Google Maps style basemap behind a paywalled app (non-mobile). Google Maps is not free in this context, and in fact is incredibly expensive. Even MapBox puts you straight to the enterprise tier for this use case. Is anyone familiar with any “pay as you go” commercial friendly mapping providers?

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Can meet your needs?

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Unfortunately not. While the data is open, the tile servers aren’t free for all to use.

How about “The following companies offer tile-hosting and development services for sites wishing to switch to OpenStreetMap.” ?

I guess worst case contact the companies and see if you can negotiate a lower price for your specific needs.

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Mapquest serves OSM tiles, up to 4k/sec. Do you need to satisfy more than a couple hundred maps per second?

Awesome. Looks like I need to really understand the OSM license and how it would affect content created by my users (which might include the maps), but I could see access to “closed” maps as a solid “premium” feature.

Have you looked at ?

I use

No complaints.

Mapbox offer an open-source Node.js based tile server.

We supply a portable commercial map rendering package (CartoType), which also does routing and geocoding. I hope it’s acceptable for me to post this, and apologies in advance if it seems too much like advertising.