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BootStrapped Weekly


Hi Everyone,

Inspired by the good things Ian, Andrey, and others are doing for the Bootstrapping community I am going to be publishing a weekly newsletter highlighting what is happening in the bootstrapping community.

If this interests you (and it should :slight_smile: please consider subscribing. You can sign up at BootStrappedWeekly.com

Also, if you have a second, tweets/likes/smoke signals/etc about BootStrapped Weekly would be very much appreciated.




I did notice something on the about page that doesn’t quite look right.

“To finance your company’s startup and growth with the assistance of or input from others”

Is the “with” part intended?


I copied and pasted the quote. I am going to look for a better quote. Thanks for pointing it out.


What a great idea! Subscribed. Will tweet about it as soon as I can read the 1st issue :wink:


Thanks. Understood about waiting for the first issue.


Congrats on the first issue. Wonderful resource. Great job!


Thanks! Drop me an email if you have any suggestions for improving it.