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Bootstrapped weather website


NC Professor turns hobby into weather website

'What was a part-time hobby became a professional business. With a home office, his daughter handling bookkeeping and his wife selling advertising, the computer scientist turned into a weather entrepreneur. His staff has grown to nine paid employees, including a team of four meteorologists.

‘“We started with zero investment and literally pulled it up by the bootstraps,” he said.’

Interesting business, and one which could be replicated in other locations.


@steve Great story! Sounds like Ray Russell is passionate about meteorology & would have done it for free – in fact he did at the beginning.

His success would be hard to replicate without the passion tho. Looks like someone would have to work years installing weather stations & building a reputation before getting any real profit.

What is replicable is finding something you’re passionate about & doing it selflessly as a service without thinking of making it into a business. This way, it will be a personal success, no matter what – profits or not. :slight_smile: